The Apollo Restaurant, Sydney, collateral produced
Award-winning raw yet refined design

The Apollo is a modern Australian Greek restaurant in Potts Point, Sydney. I had the honour of designing both the brand and website from start to finish while working as a brand designer as Ascender. 


The Brief 

The branding needed to transport rustic, quintessentially Greek cuisine to modern Australia while avoiding overused clichés. It also had to reflect the restaurant’s unique industrial-chic, art deco building, whilst incorporating fun and vibrancy.


The Apollo


Branding, Digital, Collateral

The Answer

The logotype was handcrafted and inspired by the building’s beautiful deco design. The use of box board gave the rustic feel, with a pop of fluorescent orange and pink for the modern touch. The custom neon colourway was inspired by newsprints dating back to 1939 – from signage, floral prints and traditional dress. It was used then throughout the space with small accents at the top of pillars to delicate stitched upholstery. 

The digital component was to translate their restaurant experience online. The solution was an interactive homepage and structured subpages using texture and colour from the core brand.

The Outcome

The new brand world does their vision of bringing authentic Greek food to Sydney real justice. It feels distinctly Mediterranean without a splash of blue and white anywhere. The Apollo was shortlisted for Best Identity Design and jointly won the Best Restaurant Design at the 2012 Eat-Drink-Design Awards

What they say;

For me, Vic’s brand design is minimal, sophisticated, and at times, playful. Her workstyle is collaborative and engaging, and the process was and still is a constant and evolving conversation. Even now, two years later, I reach out to her with questions and concerns, and she makes time to re-engage with me and the brand.

Piper Stremmel – Estella & The Jesse, Entrepreneur Business Owner

We had the pleasure of working with Victoria on multiple projects. To say the least, she did an amazing job, going above and beyond our expectations. Having worked with a number of designers, her talent, patience, and passion far surpassed past experiences.

Dave Seminsky – Sumerian Coffee Roasters, Owner

Our branding was nailed immediately, that was good we didn’t have much time to do it! It was a new concept in Hong Kong and we needed a very strong identity – which was achieved.

Bex Pawsey – Studio Hong Kong, Marketing Manager

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