Dumpling Queen hospitality branding project in Reno Nevada Airstream Dumpling Kitchen
The crown jewel in Reno’s brewery district

Another successful collaboration with creative visionary Piper Stremmel, Dumpling Queen is a truly quirky concept. It is the first to bring authentic Chinese Xiao Long Bao steamed dumplings to Reno, Nevada, and is run from a 1948 Airstream behind iconic Abby’s dive bar. Fun, surprising and playful, the new visual identity has helped turn an idea into what many customers describe as Reno’s ‘hidden gem’.


Strategy, Branding, Collateral, Signage


The Brief

Piper and her business partners new project: renovating a 122-year-old bar named Abby’s. Inside, the renovation is faithful to Abby’s past, maintaining the look and feel of a classic late-night dive. Outside, the team wanted to add a fun twist to the revamped courtyard area. Enter Dumpling Queen.
Dumpling Queen serves a selection of Chinese street food heroing Xiao Long Bao steamed dumplings from a converted 1948 20’ Airstream Trailwind. Customers can enjoy their delicious dumplings fireside, next to a long, flaming fire pit nestled under blankets and sheltered under a pergola.
Having lived in Shanghai, Piper wanted to bring an authentic feel to the brand and a bold, playful vibe to appeal to the youthful late-night crowd. The identity would be applied across everything from lightboxes to coasters to chopsticks.

The Answer

In China, the colour red is considered auspicious. It symbolises happiness, success, and fortune. This classic vivid red is the cornerstone of Dumpling Queen’s identity. Black and white help make the red sing for a beautiful, simple and unmissable colour palette. The logotype brings in a few Chinese characters, curved in the shape of a dumpling steamer and topped with a crown – of course. The crown’s sprayed effect bridged the gap between street food and street art. Traditional cross-stitched dumpling steamers inspired the texture and shapes of the brand assets, bringing togther an authentic Chinese and gritty Hong Kongese street experience.

The Outcome

Collaborating between the UK and the US, we were able to launch the entire brand in a few months. The bold, striking visual identity makes it easy for the team to apply themselves as they add new products, such as their limited edition ‘Fortune Cookies and Cream’ ice cream. Along with editable menus for those last minute in-house updates and social media templates to snap and post with ease. This makes it sustainable and scalable for them to grow and develop.
Since its launch in 2022, the concept and visual aesthetic have resonated with customers, resulting in positive reviews, press coverage, and a consistently lively late-night atmosphere.

Customisable templates: Social media templates, instagram posts and stories allow the team to adapt and create new ideas in advance and of course for those last minute comms.

What they say;

For me, Vic’s brand design is minimal, sophisticated, and at times, playful.  Her workstyle is collaborative and engaging, and the process was and still is a constant and evolving conversation.  Even now, two years later, I reach out to her with questions and concerns, and she makes time to re-engage with me and the brand.

Piper Stremmel – Entrepreneur

We had the pleasure of working with Victoria on multiple projects. To say the least, she did an amazing job, going above and beyond our expectations. Having worked with a number of designers, her talent, patience, and passion far surpassed past experiences.

Dave Seminsky – Sumerian Coffee Roasters, Owner

Our branding was nailed immediately, that was good we didn’t have much time to do it! It was a new concept in Hong Kong and we needed a very strong identity – which was achieved.

Bex Pawsey – Studio Hong Kong, Marketing Manager

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