Are You Mobile-Friendly?
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April 20, 2021

Are You Mobile-Friendly?

Of approximately 68.3 million people in the UK, 62.3 million access the internet on a mobile device. That’s over 90%. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re missing out!

Mobile internet: an everyday habit

Checking the internet on your phone used to be a laborious process, involving slow loading times, poor visibility and hefty data charges. Unless you were desperate, there was no reason to open your phone’s browser if you had any way of accessing a computer. 

The availability of smartphones, cheap data plans and plentiful free wifi has changed everything. Now, our phones are our constant companions. Whether you’re out and about, at work or at home, in bed or even in the bathroom, all the information you could possibly need is right there. Why bother switching on the computer when you can just reach for your phone?

And if you’re trying to decide where to go for dinner, or grab a drink, there’s no need to pound the streets. Just open Google Maps and look for restaurants near you. Menus, price, opening times, reviews … it’s all to hand.

Instant appeal

Everyone’s shopping online these days – just ask any high-street retailer. But they’re not sitting down at their computers to do it. In the last quarter of 2020 in the UK, just 5.3% of people ordered new products via desktop.

If you’re selling any kind of product or service online, your mobile site is your shop window. When visitors have to mess around zooming in and out, scrolling horizontally and trying to find key information, they’ll lose patience and move on. But a great mobile site can massively boost your virtual footfall. We redesigned Sumerian Coffee’s website to be visually appealing and easy to navigate across all devices, and their online sales increased by 400%.

The same goes for hotels, bars and restaurants. If your customers can check out your menu, reserve a table or order takeaway from their phones, you’re much more likely to snare that passing trade. Dedicated apps are one way to engage potential customers, but a functional mobile site can do the same job with no need for downloads. Our website design for Estella Tacos y Mezcal in Reno, Nevada features a direct link to the Toast takeout app. This means that visitors can order at home with no extra steps.

Information upfront

Whatever your brand is, mobile access is going to make up a substantial percentage of your visitors. Gone are the days when a good, functional mobile site was merely nice to have. In 2021, branding is a mobile-first business.

A great designer can help you make sure your online presence is perfectly calibrated for phone, tablet and desktop browsers, without sacrificing consistency or quality. Check out The Jesse’s website on mobile and desktop. You’ll see how I navigated the different requirements to present one coherent, dynamic visual brand.

If you’re interested in building a brilliant mobile site, or you have any specific issues with the design of your current site, get in touch!

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