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I’m Victoria, an award-winning brand designer and consultant.
My mission is to take that magic that makes your business special – those unique ingredients that keep customers coming back and employees loyal – and bring that out across every aspect of your brand.

I want to help you create sustainable success with brand assets that will last, that you can manage yourself, and that will grow sales for your business for years to come.

Why I do it

Sharing food, drink, art and music with friends and family are the experiences life is made of. 

Experiences we relish and remember. 

Experiences that don’t happen by accident. 

It looks effortless, but creating the right atmosphere at a bar, hotel, restaurant or event is down to vision, passion and constant hard graft. 

I know because I’ve spent the past decade helping to build hospitality brands around the world. And I know – because it’s the same in design and branding! 

A timeless brand that builds consistent revenue for your business is the result of strategy and inspiration, art and science. It’s not easy, but that’s why I do it. And why I love it.

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My Background

I’ve spent the last 14 years living and working as a brand designer in some of the world’s most exciting cities, including Sydney, Shanghai and Silicon Valley.

Each move meant building a reputation from scratch (including learning Mandarin to communicate with local printers in China).

So I bring that entrepreneurial insight to helping my clients grow new brands and revitalise existing ones, blending research, strategy and creative spark to help them succeed for the long term.

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My influences
Head shot of Victoria

As a nomad at heart, I always want to communicate a sense of place, sounds, sights, flavours and local culture in my work for brands.

I grew up as a free-range kid on a farm in Cheshire, so the natural world is also a big influence and why I care deeply about protecting the environment.

My degree was in screen printing and textiles at the Chelsea College of Art & Design, so colour and texture also play a big part in my work.

Above all, I am motivated by the power of design to solve real problems for people. The job of design isn’t to look pretty; it’s there to help businesses grow and give customers a great experience. I’m proud that every brand I’ve worked with has achieved its goals as a result of this approach.

If you have a tricky problem to solve, I’d love to talk with you.

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