Bottle the magic that keeps customers coming back. As a brand designer for hospitality, culture, food and drink brands, I take what makes you unique and express it across every aspect of your brand – from your site to your signage. Helping you achieve lasting growth and unforgettable experiences.

Featured Work

I’m a freelance brand designer located in Oxfordshire with work from across the globe, specialising in hospitality.
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How it works

The simple aim is to maximise sales at every touchpoint. I blend passion, rigorous processes, and creative intuition to make it happen.

I build experiences that customers want to stay at, purchase from, reserve tables, or order just one more. Desintations that customers want to go into and spend their free time at. Sharing food, drink, art and music with friends and family are the experiences life is made of. Experiences we relish and remember.

Best Bet Motor Lodge, NV USA
Dumpling Queen, NV USA
Stremmel Gallery, NV USA
World Obesity Day, EU
The Jesse Hotel & Bar, NV USA

Estella Tacos Y Mezcal, NV USA
Play Nightclub, HK
Studio, HK
Longrain, SYD, AUD
The Apollo, SYD, AUD

All you need, in one place

I provide all the support and practical tools you need to grow an unforgettable brand in one seamless, integrated service.

I can help you:

Develop your iconic brand from scratch; from research to strategy to brand tool kits

Revitalise sales with photography, graphics and collateral

Go fully digital – create immersive online experiences, apps and eCommerce sites

What they say;

“Our aim to have a consistent brand message that reflected a premium, artisanal product, that differentiated us from our competitors was achieved. Victoria’s professionalism, work ethic, creativity, and ability to understand our consumer, resulted in increased sales as well as product volume.”

Dave Seminsky – Sumerian Coffee, Owner

“Working with Victoria on the brand was, by far, the most satisfying and enriching part of building the hotel, bar, and restaurant from its original idea into an operational business.”

Piper Stremmel – The Jesse, Hotel & Bar, Owner

“Our branding was nailed immediately, that was good as we didn’t have much time to do it! It was a new concept in Hong Kong and we needed a very strong identity – which was achieved.”

Bex Pawsey – Studio Hong Kong, Marketing Manager
Why and how I do it

It looks effortless, but creating the right atmosphere at a bar, hotel, restaurant or event is down to vision, passion and constant hard graft.

It’s the same in design and branding.

Building a timeless brand that builds consistent revenue for your business,
is the result of strategy and inspiration, art and science.

It’s not easy, but that’s why I do it. And why I love it.

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